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A dedicated group of volunteers at American Heritage has begun to digitize HORIZON and make writing from this beloved magazine available to new generations of readers.

We have collected a complete set of issues, scanned covers, and begun the tedious process of digitization for a new website.  And we've published new anthologies of articles from HORIZON on the Middle Ages and Great Confrontations.

We just republished a seminal but forgotten essay in HORIZON that foresaw the coming revolution in communications. Sir Arthur Clarke predicted in 1962 that someday we would have "instant mail without a postman," every library book on a screen in your home, telecommuting, and inexpensive long distance calls.  Unfortunately, he also predicted the death of printed news. 

It is imperative that we save such important writing in this beloved magazine for future generations to come. 

How You Can Help

Please make a donation to support the work of our volunteers in digitizing this beloved magazine. 

If you donate $50 or more, we will send you a copy of The Middle Ages, a new anthology of 11 brilliant essays from HORIZON, covering such topics as:

  • Europe in the year 1000, 
  • the Moors of Spain,
  • how the Normans conquered England,
  • the Knights Templar,
  • King Richard battling Saladin,
  • the enlighted Alfonso the Learned of Castille,
  • the terrors of the Black Death, and
  • lasting contributions of the troubadors.